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Samsung stress test video may relieve Galaxy S 4 owners stress

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 14th, 2013 With No Comments »

It’s a common thing for your phone to just slip out of your hands, get knocked out, fall backwards out of your pocket, fall of your desk, etc etc. It happens to everyone, and no one can escape the fact that some phones just are not made for that sort of thing. Enter Samsung, with this video showing just how much physical abuse they put onto their products before letting them out into consumer hands, and you may just feel some mental relief.


In this video, you see tons of carnage. Okay, that’s a lie, but what you do see is just how much emphasis Samsung puts onto quality control. In the video we’re presented with everything from water dunking to simulated stair toppling all the way up to the dreaded walnut crusher test (pictured above).

In a few views, we see that the Samsung Galaxy S 4 in question is running Android in its stock form. There is no video of how it would react if it was using the TouchWiz software. If it would react differently, we’d hope that Samsung would post a video about it, in hopes of calming any consumer fears.

Lastly, if you are watching this video, and you just so happen to not be able to speak Korean, it might be a good idea to switch on the Closed Captioning. We got a kick out of the “The butter melted in heat…. Duh” lines within the video, suggesting that even in the most strictest of environments at Samsung, a little fun can still be had.

We can’t promise your Galaxy S 4 will handle that dreaded moment where you accidentally drop it, but rest assured knowing Samsung put it through the ringer before ever releasing it to the public.

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