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Samsung Unveils Samsung Wallet

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, February 27th, 2013 With No Comments »

Samsung Wallet

With the exception of the Galaxy Note 8.0, Samsung has been pretty quiet at MWC.  It seems like they’re saving up all their goodies for their own “Unpacked” event that they will be hosting in March.  However, they have a couple new tricks up their sleeve, like this new app called Samsung Wallet.

In essence, it’s Samsung’s response to Apple’s Passbook app.  This app allows you to store things such as your coupons, your membership cards, your boarding passes, your sports tickets, and more.  Unlike Apple’s Passbook, Samsung Wallet utilizes also uses NFC so mobile payments may also get integrated into this app later on as well.  The app also uses your location to notify you when you’re nearby businesses that can are connected with some of your cards or coupons.

The app is still in beta so we likely won’t be seeing anything any time in the immediate future but Samsung is already developers and companies access to it so that they can start integrating some of their work into Samsung Wallet.  Some notable partners already on board are Walgreens, Expedia, and Major League Baseball.  Yes, those are primarily US companies and this app will likely be most usable in the US to begin with but I’m sure things will open up more over time.


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