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Samsung wants future tablets to be controlled by our thoughts

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, April 22nd, 2013 With No Comments »

The rapidly evolving world of technology in our smartphones and tablets isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Now that we’re getting close to perfecting how we interact with our devices using voice thanks to Google Now and Siri, a few researchers think using our brain and thoughts is the next step. The folks from Samsung want to lead this charge, and have a group of researchers doing just that.


Now obviously something as advanced as thought-controlled tablets and smartphones is a long, long ways away – but it’s still exciting to dream about. Think Minority Report, but even more advanced. According to the MIT Technology Review, this is one of the next steps in smartphones and tablets and Samsung is all over it.

Samsung researchers, along with the help of assistant professor Roozbeh Jafari of the University of Texas, have apparently begun development of a tablet controlled by your thoughts. More specifically, an EEG-controlled tablet. We’ve seen advancements with EEG-monitoring and controls by those with mobility disabilities, but this would be an entirely new level. Obviously Samsung won’t have us wearing skullcaps to capture our thoughts, but they’ll have to transmit the data somehow.

Reports have confirmed this new project but for now things are still in the very very early stages. We’re hearing subjects have been testing for turning a tablet on or off, as well as simple navigation into apps or selecting and playing a song from their device. Obviously this is a long ways from becoming a reality, but watch out Google Glass, Samsung might one-up you in another 5-10 years.

[via DVice]

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