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Sony HuaShan Info Appears in Photo, Do We Now Know Sony’s 2013 Lineup?

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We’ve heard lots of rumors lately about upcoming Sony smartphones. Most of them are pretty outrageous. Like the rumor that claims the Sony Yuga will be outfitted with 3GB of RAM and a 128GB of internal storage, among other high-end specs.

Of course, this is Sony we’re talking about, the same company that charges a premium price for all of their products. If you’re going to spend that much for a phone or tablet, then you better get the best hardware on the market.

Sony Yuga Smartphone

A new rumor came down the pipeline today, but this one is slightly different from all the others, or at least it paints a different picture. The rumors involve a brand new device called the HuaShan or model C5303. This new device looks to be a mid-grade phone based on the Sony Odin and Sony Yuga. The reason it is considered to be a parallel model is because of the actual model numbers of the devices. The C660X (Yuga) and C650X (Odin) are just a few numbers away from the C530X (HuaShan).

The information for the HuaShan showed up on Picasa, in an uploaded photo that included EXIF data. The image is pretty bland, even if you do know what you’re looking at. There’s nothing too revealing in the leaked data, except we do know the rear camera will only have a 5 megapixel sensor. That’s the main factor that suggests this phone will be more budget oriented than the other two related models. Most budget phones and tablets are outfitted with less powerful cameras, but take this information for what it is. This could still end up being a high end device.

Sony HuaShan EXIF Data

Regardless, of what Sony is cooking up, we’ll probably see all of these phones at CES or MWC next year. The three devices combined probably make up Sony’s 2013 smartphone lineup. Are they going to release any other flagship smartphones, or will these devices be their main focus throughout the year?

We’ll know soon enough.

Xperia Blog, our source for this particular material, seems to think that all three of Sony’s devices will be offered internationally when they launch next year.

If you want a little more information about the Yuga, check out some of the juicy rumors that are currently floating around. Keep in mind, all of this information has yet to be confirmed by Sony, which means that specs and features could change in the finished product. There’s been so much buzz about these devices lately that I think if they do contain different specs, there will be a lot of people let down.

I’m still eying that 128GB of internal storage for the Yuga. That kind of space on any smartphone would be, convenient.

Source: Xperia Blog

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