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Sony Releases Its New Waterproof Smartwatch [PICS]

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, June 26th, 2013 With No Comments »

Image gsmarena_001-300x217.jpg

Today, Sony officially announced, along with the Xperia Z Ultra, its new Smartwatch 2, the third generation watch accessory that pairs with your Android smartphone to enhance its capabilities.

Sony has kept with its new design language, used across all its new devices from the Xperia Z to the Xperia Tablet Z, scaled down to fit the new smart watch. Therefore you’ll find an aluminum body with a glass face and you even get the trademark aluminum power button.

The Smartwatch 2 sports a 1.6-inches display with a resolution of 220×176, which according to Sony offers a great legibility even on direct sunlight. The updated smart watch is faster than its predecessor and adds NFC connectivity to allow for a seamless and easy pairing with your smartphone. Sony did switch the complicated charging method on the previous smart watch for a simple microUSB port, so you don’t have to carry another cable around when on the road.

To make it more suitable for everyday life Sony’s new Smartphone 2 is resistant to water splashes (not waterproof) with IP57 certification. Also, you can change the provided wrist band for any typical 24mm wristband.

The smart watch has more than 100 apps already available and will be able to remotely control presentations and music player as well as take pictures, access your messages and facebook wall.

Sony’s Smartwatch 2 will be available worldwide come September, but its price is yet to be confirmed. Scroll down and check out our screenshot gallery and while you’re at it leave a comment on the comment section below.

Image gsmarena_002.jpg Image gsmarena_003.jpg Image gsmarena_004-150x120.jpg Image gsmarena_008.jpg

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