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Sony teases Xperia Android 4.4 KitKat announcement coming next week

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Sony today dropped a small hint about its plans for Android 4.4: KitKat, the new Android update that Google detailed yesterday.

The official Sony Xperia News Twitter account said to watch out for news from Sony next week.

“Re. #Android @KitKat, we’re excited – next week our news on: 4.3, 4.4; products & more…” Sony tweeted, with the hashtag “#Sony Xperia.”

So it seems the company has plans not only for KitKat, but for Android 4.3: Jelly Bean as well – and it sounds like some new products might get announced next week, maybe including an Xperia phone or two.

A future Xperia

That fits somewhat with a rumor that Sony will announce two new Xperia phones, including a Sony Xperia “Tianchi” with an eight-core MediaTek chip, in Shanghai on Nov. 12.

Will the phone code named “Tianchi” debut with KitKat installed? Only time (or more leaks) will tell.

But Nov. 12 is more than a week away, so either that rumor got the date wrong or Sony has more tricks up its sleeves than we currently know about.

Either way, we’ll be watching next week for any news.

Break me off a piece of that

With Android 4.4 having finally arrived yesterday on the Nexus 5, other phone makers are also beginning to detail their plans to upgrade users’ devices to the new Android version.

Google revealed as part of its announcement yesterday that KitKat will arrive on the Nexus 4Nexus 7Nexus 10Samsung Galaxy S4, andHTC One Google Play edition “in the coming weeks.”

However, plenty of Android users are still left with the question of when the new Android update will arrive on their devices.

TechRadar has the full scoop on which Android phones are currently confirmed to be getting KitKat – and the one device that definitely isn’t. [source]

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