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Sony’s Pinball Rocks HD now jamming on Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 2nd, 2013 With No Comments »

Pinball is commonly a game associated bright colors, clashing metal, and hand or finger smashing action. And what accompaniment would be better than heart-thumping rock music from Sony Music’s own collection featured in this new Pinball Rocks HD game.


Turn it inside-out, upside-down, and any other direction, Pinball Rocks HD is, at its very essence, simply a rock-themed pinball game. Sony Music debuted the game last June on iOS with a promise of a summer release for Android. The game has now descended on Google Play Store and fans of some of the greatest rock bands can jam to the sound of their favorite pieces while keeping that metal ball from falling into the pits.

Pinball Rocks HD features five free rock club-themed tables, four of which come from hit bands such as Alice in Chains, Bullet For My Valentine, AC/DC, and Slayer. Those four tables, however, are only demos and users will have to cough up some dough to buy them in full. There are also addition songs available for purchase from the bands, as well as the usual variety of in-game bonuses and extra lives. You can watch the trailer released by Sony for the launch of Pinball Rocks HD on iOS below.

In terms of gameplay, Pinball Rocks HD doesn’t really have much difference from other games of its kind aside from the ability to change camera angles. The game is free on Google Play Store for users to try and rock music lovers to rock their hearts out.

Download: Pinball Rocks HD on Google Play Store
VIA: Droid Life

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