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Specs Confirmed For Note III Variants Including List Of Receiving Countries

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A few days ago we revealed the leaked specs for the LTE and 3G versions of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note III, but the list was incomplete and lacking some important information. Today, thanks to SamMobile, not only do we have a complete list of chipset specs for the three upcoming Note III variants, but we also have the complete list of which version is going to which country.

The Galaxy Note III will launch in three versions, but only two of them really matter to us. There’s of course an LTE version, a 3G version and the very exclusive Dual Sim version that will only be available in China.

The Samsung Galaxy Note III 3G (SM-N900) packs the Samsung Exynos 5420 Octa-Core processor with the big.LITTLE architecture, alongside an ARM Mali-T628 MP6 GPU, backed up by 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM. The Galaxy Note III LTE (SM-N9005) will feature Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 clocked at 2.3GHz along with Adreno 330 graphics, all backed up by the same 3GB of RAM. The Dual Sim version (SM-N9002) features the same internals as the 3G version apart from the obvious Dual Sim support.

The versions of the Note III will be available according to LTE support in the receiving countries, with some countries receiving both versions for marketing purposes. Those said countries will get the LTE version first and the 3G later down the road.

The list of countries receiving each model is featured below, but if your country is not on the list don’t worry as not all receiving countries are confirmed. What version of the Note 3 is your country getting? And is it the one you were wishing for? Leave your comment on the section below.

Galaxy Note III 3G:

Country Product Code
Afghanistan AFG
Algeria TMC
Bangladesh TML
Bangladesh ETR
Egypt EGY
France XEF
Germany DBT
Hong Kong TGY
India INU
India INS
Indonesia XSE
Iran THR
Iraq MID
Israel ILO
Italy ITV
Kazakhstan SKZ
Kenya KEN
Kenya AFR
Malaysia XME
Mauritania MRT
Morocco FWD
Morocco (MAT) MAT
Morocco (MED) MED
Morocco (MWD) MWD
Nepal NPL
Nigeria ECT
Pakistan (PAK) PAK
Poland XEO
Russia SER
Saudi Arabia KSA
Singapore XSP
South Africa XFE
South Africa XFA
South Africa (Vodafone) XFV
Sri Lanka SLK
Taiwan BRI
Taiwan (WAN) WAN
Thailand THL
Tunisia TUN
Turkey TUR
Ukraine (Kyivstar) SEK
United Arab Emirates LYS
United Arab Emirates XSG
United Kingdom BTU
United Kingdom (Carphone Warehouse) CPW
Uzbekistan CAC
Vietnam XXV
Vietnam XEV

Galaxy Note III LTE:

Country Product Code
Australia XSA
Australia (Optus) OPS
Australia (Telstra) TEL
Australia (Vodafone) VAU
Austria (3 Hutchison) DRE
Austria (A1) MOB
Baltic SEB
Belgium / Luxemburg PRO
Bosnia and Herzegovina TEB
Bosnia and Herzegovina ERO
Bosnia and Herzegovina (BH TELECOM) BHT
Bulgaria GBL
Bulgaria BGL
Bulgaria (MTL) MTL
Bulgaria (VVT) VVT
Croatia (TELE2) TWO
Croatia (VIPNET) VIP
Cyprus CYV
Cyprus (Cytamobile Vodafone) CYO
Czech Republic ETL
Czech Republic (O2C) O2C
Czech Republic (Vodafone) VDC
France XEF
France (Bouygues) BOG
France (SFR) SFR
Germany DBT
Germany (O2) VIA
Germany (T-Mobile) DTM
Germany (Vodafone) VD2
Greece EUR
Greece (Cosmote) COS
Greece (Vodafone) VGR
Hong Kong TGY
Hungary XEH
Hungary (Telenor) PAN
Hungary (VDH) VDH
Ireland TSI
Ireland (Meteor) MET
Ireland (O2) O2I
Ireland (Three) 3IE
Ireland (Vodafone) VDI
Italy ITV
Italy (H3G) HUI
Italy (TIM) TIM
Italy (Vodafone) OMN
Italy (Wind) WIN
Japan DCM
Luxembourg LUX
Malaysia XME
Netherlands PHN
Netherlands (Vodafone) VDF
New Zealand TNZ
New Zealand (Vodafone) VNZ
New Zeeland NZC
Nordic countries NEE
Norway (Telenor) TEN
Open Austria ATO
Papua New Guinea PNG
Philippines XTE
Philippines (Globe) GLB
Philippines (Smart) SMA
Philippines (Sun) XTC
Poland XEO
Poland (PLUS) PLS
Poland (Play) PRT
Portugal (Optimus) OPT
Portugal (TMN) TMN
Portugal (TPH) TPH
Portugal (Vodafone) TCL
Romania ROM
Romania (Vodafone) CNX
Saudi Arabia KSA
Serbia (Telekom) TSR
Serbia (Telenor) MSR
Serbia (VIP) TOP
Singapore MM1
Singapore XSP
Singapore (SingTel) SIN
Singapore (StarHub) STH
Slovakia ORX
Slovakia XSK
Slovenia SIO
Slovenia (Mobitel) MOT
Slovenia (Si.mobil) SIM
South Africa (Vodafone) XFV
South Africa (XFM) XFM
South East Europe SEE
Spain PHE
Spain (Movistar) XEC
Spain (Vodafone) ATL
Spain (Yoigo) YOG
Sweden TLA
Sweden VDS
Sweden (Tre) HTS
Switzerland AUT
Switzerland (Swisscom) SWC
United Kingdom BTU
United Kingdom (H3G) H3G
United Kingdom (O2) O2U
United Kingdom (Vodafone) VOD

[Via SamMobile]

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