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Speedtest 3.0 by Ookla finally lands on Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, September 27th, 2013 With No Comments »

They promised, they delivered, and now the latest version of the popular network speed testing utility is now available on Android. Speedtest 3.0 isn’t just an incremental update as it overhauls the interface to adapt better to different Android devices and sizes.


While users of that other popular mobile platform has had version 3.0 for quite some time now, the Android version was a long time coming. Last week, app developer Ookla teased the entirely revamped Speedtest 3.0 running on an Android smartphone. This update however, doesn’t only bring in the much needed user interface changes for Android, it also has some under the hood improvements as well, such as improvements to the testing engine, map views for each test result, and other fixes.

Ookla’s release notes mention what they have planned for future updates, including better Android tablet support, localization, and improved sharing of results. In the meantime, if you’ve upgraded or just installed the new Speedtest version, Ookla has included an interesting easter egg that can be triggered by swiping down and holding the central meter again and again after the test has finished. Without spoiling it, there are about 15 “slides” to go through.


Speedtest 3.0 is now on Google Play Store and is available for free, albeit with ads attached. Users have the option of making an in-app $0.99 payment to get rid of those ads.

SOURCE: Speedtest on Google Play

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