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SwiftKey Cloud beta update improves Flow prediction and more

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, August 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

The SwiftKey Cloud beta launched a short time back and it looks like the first update has arrived. The details are coming by way of the SwiftKey blog where they offers details on the updated release for both tablets and smartphones. This update will bring the version number (for tablets and smartphones) to and the apk for both are available for download at this time.


As with any beta release, the folks at SwiftKey are looking for feedback so they can continue to improve and also continue to keep squashing any bugs. That aside though, this update has brought a list of changes and improvements, but there are still some known issues.

To begin, how about we cover the changes. These include improvements for the behavior of different keyboard layouts when multiple languages are enabled and improvements to the prediction quality in Flow. There were also some performance improvements aimed at reducing lag and for hyphen handling.

The remaining changes include the following;

  • Fixes for a variety of crashes in the settings
  • Keyboard should no longer refuse to accept input for a short while after pressing send in messaging apps
  • Kingsoft Office should no longer cause a crash
  • Fixed crashes when personalizing with Gmail
  • Enter key should now move cursor to new line in Firefox
  • Predictions disabled in Vaulty app’s password field

Otherwise, those known issues include the “occasional” crashes in the cloud setup process and when two emojis are typed next to each other in Handcent or Hangouts (this may have them combine into what is described as being a “weird new” emoji). The final known issue deals with when words are removed from predictions on devices. With this, those words may need to be re-added on all devices individually.

Those looking for the updated apk files should head to the download page on the SwiftKey site.

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