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SwiftKey Flow beta keyboard available now [Fingers-on]

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, December 6th, 2012 With No Comments »

We’ve seen and heard a lot regarding the awesome upcoming keyboard from the folks at SwiftKey, but today it’s finally available. The next generation in keyboards is finally here and they’re calling it SwiftKey Flow. We first mentioned this back in October, and today they’ve opened up their public beta to all the members of the SwiftKey VIP community.

SwiftKey Flow brings the power of gesture based typing or gliding to the most popular 3rd party keyboard for Android. SwiftKey 3 has been the number one selling keyboard for a long time, and today it just got a heck of a lot better. Just like Swype and Android 4.2 Jelly Bean’s keyboard the folks from SiwftKey have added the element of flowing or gesture based typing. What makes this even more unique is we still get all the awesome features of SwiftKey with the benefit of gesture typing should you choose.

You’ve probably seen plenty about SwiftKey already, especially their new Flow keyboard, but just in case here’s our quick hands-on video that should give you another idea of what to expect from SwiftKey Flow. Their AI prediction and “next-word” prediction is the best available, and now works seamless with flowing.

For more details on SwiftKey you can look at our various hands-on and reviews in the timeline below. This is everything we already enjoy with SwiftKey 3, only now you can Flow. We still have the awesome prediction, themes and colors, 45+ language support, and the ability to learn from your previous typing habits. Add all that to gesture based keyboards and this is really the all-in-one keyboard for Android — just as we stated in the video.

I personally really like the SwiftKey stats page in settings. It enables you to see just how impressive the keyboard really is, and how much faster and more efficient you’ve become as a typist. The stats show everything you’ve done, words saved, predictions made, and now how far you’ve been flowing. In less than two days I’ve been flowing for over 200 feet, or 66 meters. Neat right? Check out the stats and more in the gallery below.

The all new SwiftKey Flow is available as a public beta starting today. It’s available as we speak for members of their VIP community so be sure and head over and sign up today by clicking here. Give the new SwiftKey Flow a try and let us know what you think. Enjoy!


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