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SwiftKey Flow Beta Updated Again

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, January 29th, 2013 With No Comments »

SwiftKey Flow Beta Update

SwiftKey has always been one of the best keyboards on the market.  However, I’ve always preferred to swipe rather than tap so I always gravitated towards keyboards like Swype.  When I found out that SwiftKey was going to be releasing a swipe style keyboard I was super excited and downloaded it right away.  Ever since then I’ve been using that keyboard almost exclusively.

It is, in my opinion, the best keyboard on the market and it’s only in beta form!  Typing, or I guess swiping, is a breeze and is easily accomplished with just one hand on the device.  And if you do want to tap to type, you still have the awesome SwiftKey experience that many have come to love.  Things just keep getting better too as SwiftKey has released yet another update for SwiftKey flow.  Here’s the statement regarding version

Hi everyone,

We’re getting closer to launching SwiftKey Flow as part of our next major SwiftKey update, but before we do, we have another beta for all of you Android users to try out!

We’ve listened to your feedback and added your top-requested features: you can now “flow” in pretty much every text field, and you can easily change or correct previously inputted words by tapping on them.

I’m just about to try it out for myself and from the statement above it seems that they’ve integrated the flow style of typing into more areas.  This actually is something I found to be a slight annoyance as there were specific areas (I think url was on of them) that I couldn’t trace my words.

If you haven’t checked out this keyboard I highly recommend you do, especially since it’s FREE in this beta form!


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