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T-Mobile HTC One HDR camera fix update rolls out

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, July 25th, 2013 With No Comments »

On Monday, an update rolled out for the T-Mobile HTC One, bringing with it some needed improvements to reception and other areas. Unfortunately, it also brought a bug with it, and after updating users discovered the HDR feature for the camera app missing. Fast forward a couple days, and an update has been issued to fix this.


The issue is being fixed in the form of a camera app update, which is going out to users over-the-air. Once updating, the HDR functionality should be restored in the camera app. Those who haven’t seen it come their way yet can try to manually pull it down by heading into Settings and checking for software updates, but if it hasn’t arrived yet, take solace in knowing it will in the near future.

The software update that brought the HDR issue was version 1.27.531.11, which included enhancements to the device’s processor, as well as software stability changes. There were also some improvements to LTE connectivity problems some users were experiencing. Unfortunately, it didn’t pull those users up to the latest version of Android, however.

The HTC One update – not the camera update – started rolling out on Monday, and is said to be wrapped up by August 9, so those of you have still haven’t received it – and haven’t sought out a manual option – could still have a bit of waiting left. As always, it is recommended having half a battery life or more before updating.


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