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T-Mobile reports first positive branded growth in four years

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 4th, 2013 With No Comments »

While this is all a bit soon to be a reaction from the recent T-Mobile UNcarrier event, it does appear as if the carrier has some good news to share. Whether that good news will continue will be a story for another day, however as of today T-Mobile is reporting “continued positive momentum and the building of a solid foundation for growth.”


This is all coming by way of a recent T-Mobile issued statement, which is coming ahead of the full set of Q1 2013 results. Those are due to be released on May 8, 2013. Touching back on the positive momentum comment and we have word that this quarter has “generated positive branded net customer additions.” T-Mobile is reporting a “significant improvement in branded postpaid net customer losses and continued improvement in churn performance in the quarter.”

It seems as if things are looking up for the UNcarrier. While we wait for the full report, not to mention the next report, lets cover some of those highlights that are available at the moment. T-Mobile has reported a customer base increase of 579,000, which brings the total up to 34 million. Those branded net customer additions totaled in at 352,000 and the branded postpaid net customers losses improved to a loss of 199,000.

The other point was the postpaid churn, which declined to 1.9 percent. That all aside, perhaps this point that matters most here, John Legere, President & CEO of T-Mobile USA has said these “results display positive momentum and the first positive branded growth in four years.”

[via T-Mobile]

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