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T-Mobile set to offer data roaming free of charge in 100 countries

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, October 9th, 2013 With No Comments »

Several reports are suggesting T-Mobile will begin offering data without roaming charges for 100 countries. The third phase of the Uncarrier model T-Mobile promotes so heavily is said to essentially eliminate data roaming across much of the globe.


According to iOS site iMore, you’ll need a postpaid Simple Choice Plan. Starting at $50/month, the potential savings for travellers is huge. For those in the US, it means travelling to see family just over the borders may end up being a lot less costly.

T-Mobile’s current — and soon former, we hope — charges on international roaming were costly. Like other carriers, the pricing would run upward of $15 per MB. Considering the amount of background operations we have on our devices, it can really add up.

With international superstar Shakira helping out, and a “Don’t miss it for the world” teaser, we’re prone to believe the hype on this one. Great news for travellers, but we hope that’s not all tonight’s event holds for T-Mobile customers.

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