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T-Mobile UNcarrier plans coming to Best Buy at end of fiscal year

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, April 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

T-Mobile recently had their UNcarrier event which brought the official unveiling of the new plans. These are dubbed the Simple Choice plans and while the are already available with the carrier, they will not be coming to all third-party retailers just yet. We have yet to see a complete breakdown from T-Mobile on when this can be expected, however we do know that they will not be available with Best Buy for a while.


The details are coming by way of a leaked memo, which is really just to say that we still need to see an official announcement from Best Buy. But in the meantime, lets discuss what this memo is saying. Basically, those Simple Choice plans are not expected to be available with Best Buy until “near the end of the fiscal year.” For those keeping track, we are looking at February 2014 — as in a little less than a year from now.

Other details include how Best Buy will only be offering the T-Mobile Classic plans, which means those choosing to get a T-Mobile handset from Best Buy will still be signing a two-year agreement (with T-Mobile). While we would expect this to change and eventually have all retailers offering the Simple Choice plans — for now this seems like a nice sort of loophole. Well, that is assuming you are the type of person that still feels the two-year T-Mobile agreement option is the better deal.

The Best Buy memo then gives an example of the difference between the Simple Choice and the Classic plans. The interesting part is that it will be less expensive for the customer to shop direct with T-Mobile. Best Buy uses the Galaxy S III as an example and the total cost over two-years is shown as being $2,229.99 for the Simple Choice plan and $2,389.99 for the Classic plan. Seems that Simple Choice is the better deal, but hey, we suppose just having the option available has to count for something.

[via TmoNews]

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