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T-Mobile’s UNcarrier “Phase 2″ tipped to kick off on July 14th

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, June 14th, 2013 With No Comments »

The T-Mobile UNcarrier approach went into effect back towards the end of March and it is now looking like the carrier also has a phase 2 and phase 3 in the works. All of the specifics have yet to be revealed for phase 2 and 3, however it looks like phase 2 may be coming in mid-July.


As of now July 14th is said to be the date, though that was originally reported as being June 23rd. Bottom line, with the rumored date already having changed once, it seems likely that July 14th is just a rough estimate. Perhaps more important for today, there are a few details as to what may be coming with phase 2.

This phase is expected to bring some new no-credit-check options for customers that do not want their credit run. Not to mention, for those who already know going in that their credit may not be good enough to qualify under traditional mobile plans. It looks like this will mean the ability to grab a T-Mobile handset on a Simple Choice plan without any need for qualifying.

More specific here, this means customers going this route will not have any EIP offered and they will be buying the phone at full retail pricing. Basically, a prepaid setup using the currently available Simple Choice plans. T-Mobile is also expected to combine their UNcarrier approach with MetroPCS. This is said to be known internally as Apollo 15 and is expected to tie in with the 15 additional markets that MetroPCS will be launching.

Otherwise, while there are some details for phase 2, we do have to remember these are unofficial and should therefor still be considered rumor for now. With that, while we at least have some rumored details for phase 2, the details for phase 3 remain a complete mystery at the moment.

VIA: TmoNews

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