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Tablet Buying Guide

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Tablet Buying Guide
Tablet Buying Guide

The tablet, the new indispensable high-tech equipment

It exists on the market countless tablets and you do not know where to turn? This buying guide will help you better understand the world of touch pad and make your choice according to different criteria (size, capacity, features …).

Sizes and screen types of touch pads

The screen is the key element of a tablet, as this is one you will handle continuously. This requires that its size corresponds to the use you will make. The dimensions of the screen of a touch pad vary depending on models, from 7 to 12 inches. A small tablet 7 inch best suit a person who travels a lot: it is light and takes up little space. The larger formats provide more visual comfort, to watch movies for example, but their weight is more important. A 10-inch tablet, or more ideally suited for multimedia entertainment at home or for business use. The main software suites offer apps adapted to tablet format. A tablet 12 inches is halfway between netbook and laptop.
Two types of screens exist: resistive and capacitive. The resistive screen was the first to emerge in the market for tablets. It consists of a glass surface, arranged in a flexible plastic layer. The resistance is stronger face daily attacks (scratches, dust …). The capacitive screen team the shelves last generation: it consists of a glass surface. It is more sensitive and more responsive to the touch than the resistive screen. Concerning the resolutionof the screen, the higher it is, the picture will be clear and precise. Below 1024 x 600 pixels, the image is not good. The last tablet of the Apple brand feature a Retina display: the image is in high definition (2048 x 1536 pixels).

Storage capacity and battery life of a tablet

The tablets have different storage capacities depending on the model, from 4 GB to 128 GB. However, it is possible on some touch pads add an SD card to increase the amount of data to store. More storage capacity, the higher you can install applications and store movies, music, books … A service cloud keeps its files online without using space on the touch pad,and to have . access at any time
The autonomy varies tablets: the best may take fifteen hours, while the entry-level models can not be used more than five hours without power cable (results obtained in use intensive). Note that autonomy will be greater for a touch 7 inch tablet for a bigger size, power consumption is reduced.

Features a touch pad

The technologies of touch pads, similar to those used by smartphones, offer a wide range of features: GPS, webcam, camera, image editing, games, access to mails and social networks … Their media library can store its music, videos, photos or their text files. Dispose of his books and movies is handy to keep you entertained during your journeys! The application stores multiply the possibilities of uses and recreation on a touch pad: photo editing, replay TV, radio, info, learning, productivity, etc.

Major operating systems of tablets

A touchscreen tablet runs on an operating system: the three main systems are iOS, Android and Windows.
The operating system iOS, designed by Apple, the iPad only team in the market for tablets. Its handling is intuitive and simple. iOS is known for its stability and security, as well as the wide variety of downloadable applications via the AppStore. Developed by Google, the system Androidused on most tablets and smartphones today. Appreciated for its flexibility and flexibility, it provides access to all the Google universe. Through its application store, Google Play, Android has a number of applications to be downloaded to catch iOS grow significantly. Finally, the Windows operating system developed by Microsoft, is one of the latest arrivals on the market.An increasing number of new models are equipped, including hybrid tablets to make the most of its business applications (Microsoft Office).Ultra dominant in the universe, Windows now comes the same ergonomics on tablets and smartphones. However, the Windows Market Place from Android and iOS later in terms of applications to download.

Connect to the Internet with a tablet

All tablets are equipped with Wi-Fi, a sufficient amount for your entertainment and your business tasks. Some models allow you to connect a cable Ethernet for a more stable wired connection. The Ethernet port is not available on all tablets, as the latest models are too thin to have the RJ45 connection. An adapter will be required if you want to use an Ethernet cable.
Some tablets are designed for a 3G SIM card or 4G to connect to Internet Wi-Fi. This SIM card requires a subscription membership in a phone operator .

Connection of a touch pad

The tablets are equipped with various ports to connect USB drives and other devices. The fineness of the design of some shelves next generation limits the possibilities in terms of connectivity, which can be set by the adapters.
The SD and microSD slot will let you add a memory card or micro SD to increase the storage capacity your touch pad. The USB and micro USB offer the ability to connect a USB key to your tablet, and connect it to your computer, for exchanging multimedia content. As for micro HDMI and mini HDMI ports, they will serve you connect your tablet to your television mainly, to watch photos and videos in the highest quality.

Objects connected to tablets

Some tablets can be recharged via an induction support (also called cradle or docking station). It allows the user to simply put his touch pad on the vertical support, and wireless recharge easily. An indicator light indicates the battery level remaining charging time. Some docking stations models are not just charge your touch pad; they can also clock radio office and speakers to enjoy amplified sound. Convenient to turn your touch pad in stereo! To listen to music quietly, a headset will be helpful. They plug directly into one of the ports on your touch pad or operate with the connection Bluetooth on your device.
To work comfortably, several manufacturers offer keyboards. They are much more comfortable for entering text that the touch screen of your tablet.These keyboards work via Bluetooth to most models, and are sometimes attached to a protective cover. Once unfolded, the keyboard attached to thetablet gives the impression of having a netbook ahead. The brands compete to offer their customers the accessories connected to theirtouchpad: scanners Wi-Fi, digital tablets for drawing, connectedwatches, health items as the oximeter, weather stations, connected platform, monitoring systems …

Tablet Accessories

Protect your touch pad is necessary to prolong its life. An essential accessory for your tablet is the protective case. Practical, it preserves the screen of the tablet from scratches and dust in your bags or luggage. It protects your tablet small shocks but does not make it indestructible! To protect your touchscreen tablet, nothing beats a protective shell, plastic or silicone. Some shells fold and serve as support for touch pad: it makes them more pleasant to use and ensures the longevity of the screen.Nothing prevents you from sticking a transparent protective film in addition to the touch screen, to provide additional protection.
To keep the screen of your tablet, high-tech stores offer cleaning kits: finite dust and fingerprints on your touchscreen! These kits usually contain a cleanser and a small microfiber cloth. Antistatic slightly damp microfibre cloth can also do the trick. Easily caught in cleaners radius supermarkets.
Most of the tablets can be used with a stylus, to maximize user comfort.The stylus mimics the touch of your fingers on the screen: it allows a hygienic use – for those who do not want their touch screen constantly – and a precision unmatched regarding the drawing or taking notes. There are pens for touch pad from 2 euros to over 100 euros for models for graphic example.

Touch Pad Children

A children’s tablet is stronger than a conventional model. This type oftouch pad, recognizable by its playful design, is specially designed to withstand shocks, with angles of silicone. The children’s tablets are easy to use and feature parental controls. Adults can thus choose the functions to which the child has access. Some of these tablets do not have a Wi-Fi connection, which prevents access to the internet. Parents have the opportunity to set up time slots of use to limit children’s game time. Games are preinstalled and mostly an educational vocation. For shelves without an internet connection, download new games is possible by connecting to a computer. The children’s tablet operate either on batteries for entry model range or with a rechargeable battery.

Hybrid tablet and PHABLET

A tablet hybrid is equipped with a detachable keyboard: it thus combines the advantages of a touchscreen tablet and a netbook. These convertible PC, mostly on Windows, are more oriented towards professional use atouch pad basic. The PHABLET is the fusion of a smartphone and a touchpad. Its size is between 5 and 6 inches.

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