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Tablets with dual boot (Windows + Android) to be launched, in 2014

Posted In News, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Thursday, December 26th, 2013 With 1 Comment

It is much more difficult to innovate in the world of smartphones, where many companies compete to be the best-selling in the market. However, the same does not happen with tablets, which seems to have a market with many possibilities. 2014 could be a pivotal year in which tablets were launched with dual boot, ie, that have Android and Windows simultaneously.

This afternoon we were talking about computers with Chrome OS and how they could get a piece of the market share thanks to today many users no longer need a computer with high quality, they devote more time to use your tablet. The computers were in the background, and a computer with Chrome OS could be enough. However, the truth is that the real future could be a different one, one that already came in 2014, and the tablets are dual booting, that is, those tablets that have both Windows and Android on the same system, and allow us to start with one or the other depending on the applications you want to use.

Windows-Android dual boot tablet

Companies like ASUS seem to have a tablet ready to be presented early next January, and early next year, at CES 2014. However, chances are that is not the only company to opt for this type of tablets, as could also be followed by others such as Lenovo, which manufactures tablets with Windows and Android tablets, Samsung or even later, you would be interested maintain a good relationship with Microsoft, which would get a dual tablet.

These tablets start the operating system allow the user to choose at all times and may use developed specifically for the operating system of the Mountain View applications and native Windows programs. It could become the norm next year 2014, and since then, it could be a permanent change of paradigm in the world of tablets.

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  1. Lacey says:

    I think Tony is exactly right. It’s not that WE don’t know what a statement of work is. Its that the customer doesn’t. In fact, I’m been in this business for 20 years and can probably count on one hand the customers who wouldn’t be either offended or put off by signing a &#0t82;sta2ement of work”. I’m not disagreeing with its merit. In fact I think it’s a wonderful idea.. in a perfect world. Maybe this is an area by area thing, I don’t know. In my neck of the woods though, this wouldn’t fly at all.

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