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Telus Will Be Getting The Galaxy Note III And Galaxy Gear On October 4

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, September 6th, 2013 With No Comments »

Galaxy-Note3-S-view-Cover_005_Front-set (1)

I’ve got some great news for all you potential Galaxy Note III owners out there!  Our contact over on Telus has just informed us that the Galaxy Note III and the Galaxy Gear will be available beginning October 4!  That means that in under a month, you could have the hottest new phablet in your hands and maybe even a fancy new watch on your wrist!

They haven’t given us any pricing quite yet but given that this is a high end device, my guesstimate is that it’ll be priced between $200-$$275 on a 2-Year contract and $700-$800 if you were to purchase it outright.  No other carriers have contacted us about their own launch dates but I imagine everyone will get it at about the same time.

So if you’re planning on grabbing one of these on launch day, you better start saving up those nickels and dimes as you only have a month to wait!

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