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The Motorola Moto X with Android 5.1 allows you to turn the flash shaking your smartphone

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Manufacturers try their smartphones are distinguished within the world of smartphones, and they do add features that others do not, like the ability to activate certain features gesture. Now with Android 5.1 on the Motorola Moto X will be activated by shaking the smartphone flash twice.

Activating the flash

The flash smartphone is something that almost always end up using sooner or later.While many users may not use it to take pictures since the quality of a mobile camera in low light is not too good, it is likely that most of us have used the mobile flash as a flashlight at some point. There are widgets to activate the flashlight quickly, some smartphones include this option in Quick Settings, and ultimately, can go to the camera application, start a video and activate the flash. As to further facilitate the use of LED flash, in the case of Motorola Moto X, the company has included a new feature that allows you to turn the flash shaking the smartphone twice. With this, there are now four functions that can be executed with gestures, adding to the ability to mute the smartphone running my hand over it, turn Moto Display approaching hand and activate the camera by turning the smartphone twice.

Enable Flash Moto X 2014

Upgrading to Android 5.1

Sure, if this new feature lega with Android 5.1, it remains to know is how and when you can update the current flagship of Motorola, the 2014, to the new version. The update seems to be already available for versions Pure Edition in some regions, although it is not yet for most versions. However, now it starts a countdown for launch in the standard version, and would not be unusual that we are talking about one of the smartphones that before upgrading to Android 5.1, combining the fact that it is a flagship with components very common hardware, with very similar to Google and little customization interface, and and the fact that it is a smartphone from Motorola.

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