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The New Stepped Battery In The LG G2 And Moto X

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Thursday, August 8th, 2013 With No Comments »


This month has kept us busy giving us two announcements of highly anticipated flagship devices from two major companies, LG with the G2 beast and Motorola with the customizable Moto X. What do these devices have in common, despite being gorgeous each in their own way? A battery that takes up every single cubic inch of space it can.

The newest innovation in the battery game is called the “stepped battery” and it’s actually a pretty simple concept. With phone designs aiming for thinner smartphones tapered edges are beginning to appear in a lot of devices. They give the feel of a slimmer smartphone while getting thicker in the center of the phone.

This beautiful design generates one issue, batteries need to be slimmer to fit slimmer edges while wasting the void left by the “bulge” in the center. That’s where the stepped battery comes in. Why not use this space? Why does the battery need to be a simple rectangle?

To take advantage of this void, the battery itself gains an additional layer in the center, giving it a hump that will fill the void on the phone’s back. It certainly doesn’t add a lot of capacity as the bulge normally is a mere millimeter thick, but still more is always better.

Both phones have non-removable batteries that allows this way of expanding battery, and since phones are bigger than ever, a millimeter thick layer across the phone’s central area should add some precious extra minutes to your phone’s battery life. Since most of you always try to squeeze the most out of your phone’s battery it’s good to know companies are trying to squeeze as much battery into the device as they can. You can check the picture on the top of the article and leave your comments on the section below.

[Via AndroidCentral]

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