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The Transit App is Now Available On Android, Supports Montreal and Toronto

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The Transit App has been available for a while in iOS and has earned quite the reputation amongst iOS users. Given its success it would only make sense that the app would make its way to Android, given Android’s big chunk of the mobile arena.

And so it did, from now on the Transit App, an alternative to Google Maps for your public transportation real-time routes, is now available for download from the Play Store. The app works in 43 Major cities, with the only ones outside North America being Paris and Mexico City. However, only a few of all the featured cities are Canadian, so Canadian users living outside Montreal or Toronto, for example, will find this app pretty useless. Nonetheless, more cities can be added with future updates, so not all is lost.

The Transit App offers real-time public transit schedules, it plans your trip from A to B showing you the four fastest ways to arrive at your destination combining all the available means of transportation. The app also saves frequently used routes as favourites and according to the developers should have always up-to-date data.

While this new app is very much welcomed to the Android world, take in consideration this is a new release, so certain problems or bugs are expected, so if you’re keen on using this app and find any bugs don’t forget to report them to the developers so they can easily and swiftly work them out. Check the app on the source link below and try out if you’re on one of the supported cities.

[Via Google Play Store]

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