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Top 10 android video player apps

Posted In Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Today, our phones are used for much more than send and receive calls or text messages. In fact, thanks to major advances in hardware and software are becoming media centers through which we listen to music, take and edit photos, and watch and record. But, many times, the native software with which the team has not enough to meet our needs. Therefore, many developers we have proposed alternatives to supply this lack of tools. Here, we present a list with 10 video applications for Android for everyone .


  • VPlayer : is a very versatile application that allows us to play a lot of video formats. For users with terminals medium and high, with dual-core processor, reproduced in grades 720 and 1080p. In addition to the videos we have stored on your computer, you can play streaming videos stored on the internet, on Facebook and even Dropbox. An important detail to consider is that it is not free: there is a trial period of seven days after purchasing the application. Download
  • Cool Video : We recommend this app a few months ago when we discussed some essential apps for our team. Super Video is a kind of God video application for Android, which allows us to emulate the functionality of Pop Up Play in the Galaxy S III to watch videos while doing other things on the phone at the same time. Needless to say, that is available for high-end devices, and to use it we need a good hardware in your computer that supports all this activity. Download
  • Real Player : the classic PC is also available for Android. Video applications for Android are many, but we can not include in our product list at Real Media, which is also quite versatile but does not give us much chance. With Real Player, we will be able to watch videos but also listen to music, and what it lacks support for multiple codecs supplants it with a minimalist style full screen to enjoy the most of our videos. It is ideal for those who want to have everything in one place, without differentiating between audio and video, and they have to save internal memory due to limitations of the terminal. Download
  • MoboPlayer Pro : another major recommendations in regard to video applications MoboPlayer for Android is a great free option for those without high-end terminals and have a core team. It has capabilities to play high quality content, and an interesting user interface easy to understand. It also has support for most popular video formats, which is essential, and some options for customizing the video viewing experience.We can also enjoy streaming content, as with VPlayer, but with the bonus of being completely free application. Download
  • VitalPlayer : another major VitalPlayer options for Android is also low-end equipment and a half. With this player, we will have access to a wide range of codecs and a minimalist interface that prioritizes displaying the videos. It has other features more highlights, but allows us to customize quite the experience. If you have an Android quite “old”, this is our best option at the time of breeding, and also has a free version.Download
  • VLC Beta : RealPlayer and we include in our list, we also include a classic desktop, which is also among the most interesting choices of video applications for Android. While currently still in beta, is promising.However, we provide many customization options and support for most codecs. Download
  • MX Player : turn to the most interesting options for high-end equipment. In regards to video applications for Android, MX Player knows how to shine. It is specially designed for terminals with high processing capacity, allowing us to enjoy a stable reproduction of high-quality videos, and has more aesthetic customization options. Some interesting features include the ability to make scrolling with subtitles.Download
  • MVIDEO Player : While this application is not the best on the list, has an interesting feature to highlight. It is the ability to watch movies and TV shows with subtitles in Open Subtitles sought especially without having to load subtitle from another file. Also offers a very minimalistic interface. Download
  • BSPlayer : in the same way that its desktop version is an excellent way to replace the default player that comes on the computer, BSPlayer also available for the Google system. Besides being able to watch the videos stored on your computer, we can do streaming files via WiFi with shared folders and other devices, copy video files to our external memory card. Some features tactile added the Pro version, but if the ads do not bother us we will not have problem. It is also a good choice for mid-range handsets. Download
  • RockPlayer : closed our list of video applications for Android with RockPlayer, which is also a good idea for playing audio and video. Supports most codecs used today, and allows us to customize the playback bar to have a more complete control over the way we view videos. It is a good choice for all types of terminals.Download

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