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Toshiba The First Manufacturer To Grab The Tegra 4, Where’s Everyone Else?

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 1st, 2013 With No Comments »

After revealing their new chip at CES in January, it appears that NVIDIA finally has a partner who wants to use their chips in their mobile devices.  Toshiba has reportedly joined up with NVIDIA to use their Tegra 4 chips in their upcoming tablets set to launch this June.  While overall this is good news for NVIDIA, it’s also very troubling news.  Apparently Asus and Acer, companies who have historically went with the Tegra chips, have not decided whether or not they will be using these chips in their upcoming products.

Now the SOC market has become rather competitive lately.  Qualcomm of course has began to dominate the market, particularly in the smartphone segment.  It’s pretty hard to find a flagship device that’s not running one of Qualcomm’s S4 processors nowadays.  The exception of course is Samsung who makes their own chips and they too are looking  to be shop their chips to many of the upcoming manufacturers in China.    And to add to this crowded market, another China based company MediaTek has also began manufacturing chips that have already made their way onto some flagship devices over in China.

Now based on NVIDIA’s presentation, it doesn’t seem that their new chip is bad, but they’re definitely having a hard time grabbing partners right now.  It looks like they’re going to have to make a bold move to try and regain some suitors.  One such move could be lowering the prices of their chips, something that they’re apparently already considering with the Tegra 3 chip.  If they do make this move it could benefit us the consumer as it could drop the retail price of some tablets and phones!


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