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TrickDroid 1.0.0 Google Edition ROM launches for the HTC One

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, June 27th, 2013 With No Comments »

The HTC One and GALAXY S 4 Google Edition handsets came available for sale yesterday and it looks like we have already begun seeing some goodies as a result.Earlier in the day we saw the the Camera app and a red phase beam live wallpaper come available for download. While those are a few smaller bits, there is also word of a new ROM based on the Google Edition HTC One.

Image HTC-phablet-540x3031111.jpg

This newly released ROM is from torxx and has arrived as TrickDroid 1.0.0 GE — where the GE stands for Google Edition. This one is for the HTC One and is described as being “pure stock Android” and working fine. We have yet to flash this one ourselves so we are going to have to take that latter portion as it stands.

“This is a stock build of the Google Edition ROM, I added some AROMA options and removed debug code, deodexed and some other things.”

Perhaps more important for those looking to give this a try, torxx has also said this ROM has “basically no bugs.” That alone has it sounding like a winner. Of course, if you are using a regular carrier branded HTC One with Sense and thinking about moving over there are a few items you will be losing. For example, the Google Edition ROM doesn’t have support for the IR sensor and users will not have the Zoe experience.

Aside from the Google Edition ROM, torxx also has the regular TrickDroid ROM which has recently been updated to version 8.0.0. Some of the highlights from the 8.0.0 update include a new kernel from HTC, improved audio and a better keyboard. TrickDroid 8.0.0 was based on 2.19.401.1 and is also said to have an updated AROMA. And for those wondering, this one is based on Android 4.2.2 with Sense 5.0 and has support for all HTC One models.

We suspect more than a few readers will understand what it means to go the custom ROM route, however a bit of advise for those new to this game — proceed with caution. There can be some risk in playing with your phone in this way, but assuming you move forward slowly and make sure you understand all the steps before beginning the process — things should go smoothly.


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