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Turn your Android device into a remote control

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Our mobile devices allow us to do many things beyond talking on the phone, we can exchange files with friends, upload them to the cloud, send emails or messages through WhatsApp or Line, surf the Internet or share our location through Foursquare. In fact, with the extensive range of available applications, we can work almost as if we were in the office, edit videos or make 3D designs .



nother possibility offered by our mobile devices is the ability to turn them into remote controls , ie connect them to your computer (without having to get up off the couch or having to go to our room) or even use them as a remote control to control a slide show or to control our television, our computer or our media center .

For a device to have Android and Wi-Fi network at home, our mobile device, besides offering Internet access, may also interact with our TVs and other devices, even remotely control the media player of your computer staff, some functionality for foodies that we will know some options:

Media Remote for Android

Media Remote for Android is an Android application that has launched Sony for smartphones and tablet with which we can manage comfortably with our mobile, Blu-ray from Sony with our internal LAN connection and a wide range of TVs Bravia series, audio amplifiers and even some model of VAIO series computer.

The application, plus remote control, offers a full keyboard to make us easier to surf the internet through our Smart TV, post URLs from your mobile device browser to the TV (a very interesting detail), see the information Blu-ray disc we have in the player or use our tablet or our smartphone as a controller of the games that support Smart TVs from Sony.

Besides applications for Android, Sony Media Remote is also available for iOS .

Yatse, the XBMC Remote

XBMC is an open source project that offers a complete media center that can deploy Linux machines (including Raspberry Pi), Windows or even Mac, a software that turns any computer into a complete entertainment center with which to view our collection movie or access to content via the Internet. While we can control XBMC with a keyboard and a wireless mouse, our smartphone can also act as remote control and, in the case of Android,Yatse is one of the best options available.


With Yatse can access the catalog of content we have on our media center (films, television series, documentaries, music, etc.), control XBMC remotely from our smartphones and our tablet, access the content information, display a keyboard about our smartphone , choose subtitles for content, launch our playlists , etc.

Ubuntu Remote Control

Ubuntu Remote Control is a remote control for computers running Ubuntu, that is, we can turn oursmartphones and our tablet into a remote control with which to control your computer with Ubuntu.



Although the installation at first appears complex and requires that you are running an SSH server (openssh-server), with this Android app can control the media player on your computer (skip to the next song, increase volume, etc.), take a snapshot of your PC screen and view it from Android, take control of the remote computer webcam and take pictures, turn off or restart the computer, access the console or remotely lock the computer using a convenient graphical interface from our our tablet or smartphone Android.

Samsung Remote

Samsung Remote is Samsung’s official Android app that turns our smartphone into a remote for Smart TVs of this manufacturer.

We connect our smartphone Android via both Wi-Fi network to our house and through the Bluetooth connection if your TV supports it, and from there, we can manage television and BluRay player to launch applications, write comfortably (to avoid having to use the keyboard on the screen with the remote control of the TV), change the channel, turn the volume up and basically the same type of functions we could do with the conventional control but, yes, a much more comfortable.

Indeed, in iOS also available .

Grooveshark Remote to

For Grooveshark Remote is an application dedicated to Grooveshark fans, service streaming music. With this Android application can make our smartphone or tablet in our remote control your PC or Mac and manage remote playback songs on both Android Groooveshark on iOS .

Remote for Grooveshark

The application is a client for mobile devices it is a remote control that works in conjunction with an extension forFirefox , Chrome or Safari and we have to match with our mobile device and our Grooveshark account to manage remote playback.

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