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Tweet Lanes Goes Open Source, Calls For Help

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Friday, February 15th, 2013 With No Comments »

Tweet Lanes was a fantastic concept on what a Holo-themed Twitter app could look like. It also offered a unique take on the reply system, where there was an omnipresent bar with a text field at the bottom and pressing a tweet would add the username to it to reply. However, due to Twitters new 100k user token limit, the developer had to let the project go.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost yet. Tweet Lanes isn’t dead, and might have a very bright future. Developer Chris Lacy has decided to open source the app, releasing all source code to the public. However, there is one thing that must be done before there are public releases with user added code: A small crew of one or more people to handle it.

Chris Lacy is asking for people to help maintain it. Someone needs to be responsible for merging pull requests into the master branch and building the app. Then he needs a person to control the social aspect of it, who will control the @TweetLanes account on Twitter. Technically, these two jobs can be handled by one person, but a few would be better. If he can get that, the app will live!

If you’re interested in handling one or both of these jobs, shoot him an email at and apply for it. We really want to see Tweet Lanes go somewhere, and we’re sure countless people do too. So let’s make it happen!

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