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US smartphone ownership is closing in on 60 percent

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 With No Comments »

Pew Internet has released a new report talking about smartphone ownership within the US market. This first number may not be all that surprising given the amount of people you likely see staring at a phone, however the report shows that 56 percent of Americans now have a smartphone. In addition, the report touches on the percentage of users without any phone as well as trends in platform adoption and even a bit about smartphone ownership by income and age.


As we already mentioned how 56 percent are using a smartphone, how about we continue down that path. On the flip side this report shows 35 percent of Americans are still using a regular feature phone. Those keeping track of the totals will likely realize there is still 9 percent missing. Well, that accounts for the group of Americans that do not have any mobile phone at all. As one would expect, that number is on the decrease and has dropped from 17 percent in May 2011. The feature phone user base is also dropping and has dropped from nearly half (48 percent) in May 2011.


Now onto the topic that many Android users like to see — who is winning in terms of Android and iOS. The current report, from May 2013 has Android with 28 percent and iOS sitting slightly below with 25 percent. While Android has been above iOS (according to Pew) for several years now, the gap seems to be narrowing a bit. Looking at the numbers from May of 2011 and the split was Android with 15 percent and iOS with 10 percent. Basically, it seems that as smartphone usage is growing, so are both platforms.


Interestingly, this report is showing that 49 percent of cell phone owners that have a household income of $150,000 or more report using an iPhone. Another interesting take from this report comes from looking at the income and age grouping. Looking at the numbers here and it shows those between 18 and 29 are likely to use a smartphone regardless of their income level. Specifically, the report shows 77 percent of those making less than $30,000 per year have a smartphone with 81 percent of those making between $30 and $74,999 and 90 percent of those making more than $75 per year are using a smartphone.

The interesting part is that is seems as the age brackets increase, the usage decreases. For example, looking at the middle of the line (between $30 and $74,999) bracket and we see usage going from 81 precent for 18-29 year olds to 68 percent for 30-49 year olds. This number drops even further going to 40 percent for the 50-64 year old market and down to 21 percent for the 65 and older market. Of course, in the end we suspect the smartphone ownership for Android Community readers must be 100 percent, or at least very close to that.

SOURCE: Pew Internet

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