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Use your Android Phone as a secondary screen of your PC with Samsung SideSync

Posted In HOW TO DO! - By DailyAndroidNews on Wednesday, January 1st, 2014 With No Comments »

Use your Android Phone as a secondary screen of your PC with Samsung SideSync

Most times when we are in front of a PC, we also have a smartphone close. Sometimes we want to pass information from one device to another, but we lose time changing from one to another, not to mention that we have many possibilities beyond copying files. It seems strange to have a second display there (however small) and not take it, so Samsung has devised a rather striking solution:SideSync .

SideSync allows us to connect our Android device (a Galaxy, to be more precise) with a Windows computer . Once connected via a USB cable is done, we can configure it in different ways, each one more useful. For starters, the phone will act as a second screen, and can move around the mouse from the screen of your PC in a fully transparent way for the user. Thanks to this we can control the smartphone without the need to stop what you are doing on the computer.

This connection also works when copying and pasting. If we are reading a document on your PC and want to copy a part of a conversation on mobile messaging, we can do it easily as if they were the same system. This communication works both ways, and also operates to automatically backup files or drag forth our files.  Another function is to maintain a virtual phone on your PC, from which access to all its functions ( included screenshot). The worst is certainly that Samsung has decided to terminate the use of the app to Galaxy devices, and even seems that only computers made ​​by Samsung will support these features. If you manage to use the app on devices and computers that are not of the company, do not hesitate to advise in the comments.

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