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Users Spend The Most Time Of Their Smartphone Usage On Games

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 With No Comments »

Flurry, an analytics company, has released a ton of information recently collected from smartphones of both the Android and iOS persuasion. This data revealed how people were spending their time using their smartphones, and for how long. And shockingly, people used their phones 2 hours and 38 minutes a day on average.

The biggest use of time has been games, at 32% of the time. That’s almost a whole hour a day devoted to games. And 18% of that time is spent on Facebook. This is most likely due to Facebook’s in app browser. People tend to view content on their devices linked from Facebook, and it opens inside the Facebook app. Compare this with the 20% of time spent in browser (4% of which is Android’s native browser, with Chrome not even on the chart), and people are obviously really devoted to Facebook. Maybe the Facebook phone will be popular this time around.

US consumers are spending almost 39 minutes per day on Facebook on average. Add to that their massive reach, their roughly billion mobile users per month and you have a sizable mobile black hole sucking up people’s time. The 30 minutes a day is a worldwide average and many people spend many more minutes on Facebook (if not hours) watching and participating in what has become the ultimate reality show in which the actors are you and your friends.

Flurry | The Next Web

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