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Vector Unit talks Riptide GP 2 with Play Store availability set for July 23

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Saturday, July 20th, 2013 With No Comments »

Vector Unit is the developer behind the Riptide GP series and it looks like they recently jumped on Reddit for a little AmA time. The topics were varied, however it looks like they did manage to reveal a few details about Riptide GP 2. In short, the game will be available in the Play Store next week and it will arrive with a relatively low price tag.


Riptide GP 2 will be available in July 23rd and it will be $3. With that, Vector Unit released a teaser style trailer video back in mid-June, however some may remember the Riptide GP 2 news from way back in March when it was shown for the NVIDIA SHIELD.

The SHIELD version is the one that has been optimized for the Tegra 4 processor and came along with the promise of how it would make an “even bigger splash” — as compared to the original. Some of the Tegra 4 enhancements included HDR lighting and boosted reflection shaders as well as enhanced water and particle effects. Basically an overall improvement with the graphics.

While the Tegra 4 version looked good in that SHIELD demo video, it comes as good news that this Play Store version of Riptide GP 2 will not require a Tegra 4 processor to play. The AmA also brought some details in terms of size. Vector Unit said Riptide GP2 would measure in as a 48MB download.

Further chatter on the size touched on how they “did a ton of optimizations on it to get it down that small, because we know people hate downloading extra data packages.” Aside from the size of the download, they also included this little teaser that should have those who were fans of the original even more excited;

“the game is actually way longer and has tons more content than RGP1. It’s computer magic.”

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