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Verizon honors unlimited data orders from website snafu

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, September 30th, 2013 With No Comments »

Verizon Wireless had a bit of an issue over the weekend. Through a small glitch in their system, users were able to sign up for unlimited data when upgrading their plans. Not limited to new activations, many users took the opportunity to take back what Verizon has been weening them from.


Some upper-tier data plans are linked to Verizon’s Edge plan, which allows for an early plan termination. When users attempted to change devices, they were typically only offered a tiered data plan, and forced to leave their unlimited data behind with a new contract. This time, however, Verizon dropped the ball.

While it’s unclear where the glitch came from, or why any kind of unlimited data is still available on the Verizon website at all, we’ve got good news from Big Red. In a statement to Droid Life, a Verizon spokesperson noted the following:

Verizon Wireless will honor those orders that were approved this past weekend, allowing those customers to retain their unlimited plans for the duration of their contract and receive their new device.

That’s good news for anyone who upgraded, and the right thing to do on Verizon’s end. The loophole has been closed, but anyone who signed up will be able to keep the unlimited data plan they were offered.

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