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Vine developers confirm app is “coming soon” to Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 25th, 2013 With No Comments »

We know you don’t all love Twitter, but for those that do we have good news regarding their popular Vine application. It looks like Vine will indeed be coming soon to Android, after Twitter shunned Android on the release. The creators also mentioned today that some new features are coming along with it.


While there are plenty of viable options to replace Vine on Android, like Cinemagram, many still want the actual app from Twitter with all the integration features and more. We’ve been waiting for additional details and while we still don’t have a release date, this is certainly good news. Next can we get Twitter Music for Android? Please!

Today while speaking with The Verge, Vine creators had quite a bit to say about their app, what went into making it, their inspiration and much more. It’s a pretty interesting read but in the end all I gathered was two things. Vine is coming to Android, and Obama has some decent biking skills based on the Vine video they shared. Yup!

Twitter hopes that Vine will become the go-to way to share short video clips and more to social networks like Twitter, and they need the number one mobile OS in the world on board to do that. There’s a lot that went into making the app perfect, and the Vine creators want to deliver the same quality for Android. When it gets released we’ll be able to tag friends in videos and such, making it even more social, just like Twitter. Don’t kill Tweetdeck, and take off that 100k token limit for Android Twitter apps, then we’ll talk.

Who’s excited for Vine on Android?

[via The Verge]

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