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Vine user base grows to 40 million

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, August 20th, 2013 With No Comments »

Instagram announced they had reached the 130 million monthly user milestone back in June. That reveal came at the same time they announced the 15-second Vine-like videos. That of course spurred discussion about how Instagram was the better app and how they were going to steal users from Vine. Well, while Vine may not have the 130 million that Instagram has, they have just shared a rather respectable number of their own.


The details were shared in a recent Twitter posting from the official @vineapp account. In short, they now have more than 40 million users. Aside from talk of numbers, the folks at Vine also shared how they feel that community of users is “amazing” and how they are “inspiring.”

Current user numbers aside, we also have to take a look at the Vine app. This originally landed in the Google Play Store on June 3rd and while the app was lacking some features in the beginning — regular updates have added quite a bit in these few months. Also just for reference, Vine had announced they had roughly 13 million users at the time the app launched for Android.

Not only has the app improved, but the user base has grown considerably. The most recent Vine for Android update arrived earlier this month and added push notifications and also improved sharing. But before that we had seen new capture tools and a new widget, front-facing camera support and a rather nice update that arrived shortly after Instagram Video did.

Also worth mentioning, in addition to the Play Store availability, Vine for Android arrived in the Amazon Appstore in early-July. That all being said, it seems that if you pushed Vine aside due to lack of features after Instagram Video was introduced — it may be time to give the app another look and add to that growing user base.

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