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Virgin Mobile giving T-Mobile switchers a $100 bill credit

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Monday, April 8th, 2013 With No Comments »

T-Mobile appears to be under fire from another carrier. In this case, we are talking Virgin Mobile and the newly launched campaign promising a $100 credit for those who make the switch. Similar to what we have recently been seeing from T-Mobile in regards to the total cost of ownership over two-years, Virgin Mobile has offered a comparison using the Galaxy S II as an example.


Given this is coming from Virgin Mobile, there should be little surprise in the fact that they are shown to have the lower cost over the two-year period. In this case, that cost would be $1,320 for Virgin Mobile and $1,440 for T-Mobile. This is based on the T-Mobile plan being $60 per month and the Virgin Mobile plan being $55 per month. This also takes the price of the phone in account, which is $413.99 with T-Mobile and $299.99 with Virgin Mobile.

Basically, Virgin Mobile comes out on top in this particular example. That bit aside, those considering a switch will likely want to know the fine print on the $100 credit offer. On that note, this credit will be available for new account activations for those switching from T-Mobile. You will need to signup for a Virgin Mobile account and pay for one months worth of service before May 31, 2013. The credit will then be applied to your account within 30 days.

All said and done, we are not sure how many T-Mobile customers should be switching if they are already happy, however on the flip side, if you had been considering leaving — this may be an offer to consider. That said, this all comes from the ‘Retrain your Brain’ campaign which is an odd sort of promo to watch (see above), but one that tells you that change is good.

[via Virgin Mobile]

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