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VSCO Cam confirmed for Android

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, July 30th, 2013 With No Comments »

VSCO Cam is an app that is currently getting a bit of attention from iOS users, and well, it looks like the app is also heading to Android. The folks at VSCO Cam have confirmed they have begun working on an Android release. In fact, VSCO Cam for Android is currently being tested in a private beta.


As of now there hasn’t been any timeline given in terms of when the beta period will come to an end, however there was some detail in terms of which devices would be supported at launch. That support will be limited to the HTC One as well as the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy S III. While only a few devices, at least they are a few devices that are rather popular.

Looking forward, VSCO Cam is also planned for other Android 4.0 devices “in the near future.” The current iOS release of VSCO Cam has the app listed as being the “standard of mobile photography.” While we have yet to see whether this will be a one-for-one feature match across iOS and Android, we do know the iOS app has plenty to offer.

One of the highlights is the fact the app has a variety of available presets and tools. The app also has something called the Precision Slider which allows the user to adjust the strength of those presets. There is also plenty of options when it comes to editing and the ability to compare your before and after images. Images can be imported and exported in full resolution, images can be shared socially and there is control in the form of separate Focus and Exposure Rings as well as a White Balance Lock.

That all being said, VSCO Cam is currently looking for beta testers. You do have to fill out a short form on the VSCO Cam website and at present they say they are looking for users that “love mobile photography and Android devices.” But perhaps more important, they are looking for users that are passionate and that are willing to find bugs and provide feedback.

VIA: Android Central


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