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Weekend Gaming: Gameloft’s Gangstar Vegas hits Google Play

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Sunday, June 23rd, 2013 With No Comments »

If you’re like us, and are looking for a casual or fun game on Android to enjoy throughout the weekend, we have you covered. Yesterday the fine developers atGameloft released their brand new action-packed title Gangstar Vegas to the Play Store. Whether you’re vegging on the couch, getting ready to watch the NHL Finals, or doing nothing this new game should keep you busy.

Image unnamed3-540x263.jpg

This is the newest edition to their ongoing Gangstar game series for Android, only this time around it takes you to the bright lights and money-filled casinos of Viva Las Vegas! This time around you’ll get to play a tough and mean MMA fighter that fights his way through the City of Sin. Gameloft has a lot more than just single player too, so that’s why it’s worth checking out.

You can play through over 80 missions filled with battles, fights, and gun wars, and that’s just on the blockbuster story mode. This is as close to Grand Theft Auto as you’re going to get on Android. Well, without getting Grand Theft Auto right from Rockstar Games. Gameloft added some stunning graphics to this next-gen game, so take a peek at their launch trailer below.

And yes, in case you were wondering, you can walk down Las Vegas Blvd., head through Freemont Street (old Strip) or even wander into some strip clubs if you’d like. Gameloft confirms the open-world nature of the game brings 9x the ground and roads to cover than previous titles, and their new Sandbox mode where you can enjoy Heist modes, MMA fights, robbing Casinos and more. They really went all out!

Gameloft worked really hard on stunning graphics, and a huge open-world gameplay environment here that will give you countless hours of fun. In return, the game will take up a massive 2.5GB of storage on your device, and runs about $6.99 from the Play Store. If you were looking for a good game to enjoy this weekend, we’d start right here. Hit the link below and don’t spend all that cash on the Roulette tables at the Bellagio, like I did last night!

SOURCE: Play Store link

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