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What can we expect in smartphones in 2014?

Posted In News, Reviews - By DailyAndroidNews on Wednesday, December 25th, 2013 With No Comments »

A year is about to end, 2013, that it has actually happened faster than we expected. However, begins a new year, and most likely come loaded with new in the world of smartphones, which has experienced a stretch of the most surprising. What can we expect from 2014?

64-bit processors

It is very clear that the flag will be next year. Companies around the world will use it as a reference to denote the difference between mid-range and higher level phones which come to market. Also, it used to attract new users into buyers. As in this 2013 have been used Full HD 1080p screens in 2014 will be 64-bit processors that will be the protagonists of articles analyzing the smartphones of the highest range. The surprise could come with entry-level smartphones and media with 64-bit processors. Qualcomm readies Snapdragon 410, 64-bit processor targeted at smartphones and basic medium range. However, we will not see this chip terminals until late 2014 or even early 2015.

Screens curves

Currently there are only two smartphones with curved screen, the LG G Flex, and Samsung Galaxy Round, and none of them are for sale in Spain. Also, are technologies that have not yet been developed, and next year we will see more companies start throwing curve display terminals. It seems clear that the iPhone 6 and the S5 Galaxy finally will not have a display of this type, so it will be a great opportunity to be competition for a share of the market.

Greater autonomy

We say this every year, but every year we lose hope. Batteries better, and a lot, but new technologies are to take the spotlight from the batteries, and getting no improvements are noticed in the final autonomy. 2014 could be a pivotal year. KitKat seems that Android 4.4 is specially designed to optimize resources, and the next step could be to optimize energy consumption. Moreover, the new processors also improve autonomy, although it is yet to be determined if they really pose as important as now seems to have improved.

Increased capacity

Some time ago the high-end smartphones stayed with 8 GB memory, and the choice was 16 GB. Today, you can already take for granted that the 16 GB is the minimum for a smartphone that is medium to high range. A 4GB memory is unthinkable if we want the phone works well. The future could be reach 128 GB memory, although it seems much more important than the speed of the Internet connection improves, more stable, has a higher transfer rate and allows us to replace the internal memory by memory Cloud.


Best materials

Apple, Sony and HTC are already producing companies with a higher level as far as materials are concerned. Glass, metal, or a combination of both. However, companies like Samsung or LG, as well as all midrange terminals, still using plastic as main material. Next year could be the key to improve the quality of manufacture, and is what makes the difference between mobile low-cost and high-priced.

Security Enhancements and sensors

The future suggests improved safety and sensors, and especially relate both. Apple has already incorporated a fingerprint reader. Samsung could incorporate a system of ocular recognition. And the same Cupertino company is currently working on a heartbeat sensor. All of this will combine to smartphones become much smarter and could be the biggest innovation of 2014.

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