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What is a Smart TV and how can I convert my TV to SmartTV?

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Smart TV is one of the buzzwords that already ranks high on the stickers that brands place their TVs with the aim of convincing users instead. He has completely eaten the ground acronyms and 3D is relatively new fashion in the world of television.

Much has rained and since more than two years ago gave an overview on the situation in Engadget Spain TVs with Internet , at the time it was almost the only functionality that could boast at the time the initial connected TVs.

In just a few floating around the screen have moved to a purely connected TV. For the Smart TV already earned that nickname in spades.

What is a Smart TV?

Smart TV is a name companies have their TVs connected and more advanced models. In them, plus ability to play content from various sources, matches one Internet connection can be via WiFi and the ability to install and use applications designed specifically for television.

These Smart TVs also facilitate communication, access to social networks and often integrate a search engine to find content from multiple sources available to them. On 2012 models it is also introducingvoice control and gestures .


All current brands that have televisions on the market offer models that can be considered as Smart TV, although the interoperability of applications and services is far from achieved.

What do I need to turn mine into one?

Well since about 2010, selling televisions most brands and can be considered as true Smart TV, but are often not compatible models with improvements coming from 2011.


If you do not want to purchase a new television, almost all brands have their own Smart TV platforms integrate that functionality completely in other equipment placed next to the TV, such as media centers and players lounge as Blu-Ray. Suffice it to get one and via HDMI , not convert a TV in one connected Smart TV.


The other way is to use small devices that have some marks and wear on sale for the entire ecosystem of its Smart TVs advanced models that do not come standard. Among the best known are:

And thirdly there is the possibility of converting a TV connected without any one to pass exclusively through the solutions of television brands. If we want something different we can choose any of the content streamers that do more than play content. Engadget we tell the secrets of seven models with their strengths


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