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What to do after buying an Android device?

Posted In HOW TO DO!, News - By DailyAndroidNews on Sunday, October 13th, 2013 With No Comments »

If you recently bought an Android device and do not know where to start using and so on, I recommend following this guide … With it you will an idea of how to handle your device, make the most of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

1. – Restore Factory Settings (Optional) Some devices already come with some changes when they reach your hands, sometimes pose a problem and sometimes just “dislike” to bring bloatware and other things that are not liked by some. This is why it is recommended (if you want) you to restore the most basic settings for customizing the device then go to our liking. 

2. – Rootea If your android does not come factory rooteado, rooting suits you. Doing so will give us access to many more features, applications and functionality that would otherwise be restricted. There are many ways to Rooting, just a simple search on Google to find the best way to implement the rooteo to your device. 

3. – Install Some Apps Android is a very great platform for their applications available, here in this post is a list of 25 + Apps that can not miss in your device. 

4. – Improving the Performance Review your settings to find applications that start with the system and disables ocupes not. Also, have on hand an application like Fast Reboot for those times when you feel very slow device. 

5. – Buy a cover / protector This is important because devices like Smartphones and tablets are quite delicate and sometimes a fall can result in broken or damage your display Componenet, believe me, this protective accessory does not hurt.

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