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Xbox SmartGlass update brings full and proper tablet support

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Thursday, April 11th, 2013 With No Comments »

Microsoft has updated the Xbox SmartGlass app for Android. And nicely done, this time the update brings full and proper support for tablets. This goes back to a previous update that was released back in 2012. That update added tablet support, but did so only for 7-inch tablets. As of today, the Xbox SmartGlass v1.5 update adds support for “Android tablets 7” and larger.”


Aside from the support for tablets larger than 7-inches in size, this update also took care of some bug fixes. There was also mention of “numerous” design and usability improvements. The fixes and improvements were not fully detailed though. Touching back on the specifics, v1.5 also added an ‘always-on’ state so you can ensure your device remains awake while you are playing.

Basically, Microsoft has taken an already good app and made it that much better. We suspect many of the users will be happy with the always-on feature, however this will likely come as just as good a news for those rocking a larger sized tablet. We suspect many of the Xbox users already have this downloaded and installed, however for those who have somehow yet to give it a look — here are some of the features you can expect.

The Xbox SmartGlass app allows you to edit your Xbox profile, message your Xbox friends, switch up your avatar and also keep track of and compare your achievements. Other goodies here include the ability to browse the web on your Xbox 360 with a full keyboard and zooming, the ability to control (play, pause, ect.) your music videos as well as the ability to search the full Xbox catalog of music, videos and games and more.

[via Google Play Store]

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