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Yahoo! for Android app update brings Summly integration

Posted In News - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, April 30th, 2013 With No Comments »

It appears as if Yahoo is on an app update kick here lately. We recently saw an update for the Yahoo Mail app that brought a new layout and proper support for tablets. This latest update deals with the Yahoo app and brings a bit of connection to a recent acquisition. Basically, the Yahoo for Android app has gotten Summly integration.


Details coming from Yahoo show this update as having added Summaries by Yahoo which will appear as what is described as an “endless visual stream of stories.” Basically, you launch the app and you are greeted with the story stream. While the stream is pre-populated with stories, it can be fine-tuned to better fit your likes and dislikes.

The fine-tuning comes by way of the navigation menu, which is accessible from the three-line icon in the top left corner. You can choose to have all sections showing (default) or narrow it down by choosing the specific topics you want to see. You can also turn the visual portion off, which basically, brings you back to s simpler looking layout of stories sitting on a white background.

In order to fine-tune the story list you will need to either have, or be prepared to create a Yahoo account. In addition to the Summly story integration, this update also added what is described as a “revamped” web search experience that includes images and video. That said, the Yahoo app is available for those running Android 2.2 or later and can be found using this Google Play Store link.

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