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Yahoo Sports App for iOS Let’s Users Create GIFs

Posted In News - By DailyAndroidNews on Friday, January 3rd, 2014 With No Comments »

Yahoo’s excellent Sports app was redesigned for iOS 7 on Friday, adding some nice flair that more closely matches the minimal flatness of Apple’s mobile OS. But that’s not even the most newsworthy part of the update. Seems Yahoo wanted to help users harness their inner meme by introducing a GIF creator inside the app itself, called Loops. This allows users to take short game highlight clips and quickly meme-ify them with overlaid text. The GIFs can then be shared with friends, or posted to a feed on the main game results page.

Users can create Loops for professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey, with college football and baseball also supported. Yahoo’s new Loops feature is made possible through its acquisition of IntoNow, which allows the online giant to record highlights of televised sports. See a basketball player do something funny? You can easily turn that into a GIF. Same thing with that awesome catch a baseball player made, etc.

Yahoo actually offers some of the best app experiences on iOS, starting with its terrific weather app. Today’s update shows that Yahoo is focused on improving those experiences; allowing users to create GIFs will definitely keep folks inside the app longer, and likely encourage usage quite a bit. And besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good sports GIF?

Source: YahooSports
Via: TheVerge

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