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Zuckerberg Is Trying To Persuade Samsung To Build A Facebook Phone

Posted In News, Reviews - By AndroidPress on Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 With No Comments »

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Facebook Home was a very interesting and unique Android UI that brought that particular social networking site to the forefront of your smartphone experience.  However, it and its flagship phone (the HTC First) were relatively unsuccessful in gaining traction and the aforementioned device is teetering on becoming just a memory.

Zuckerberg, however, is not ready to throw in the towel and recently made a trip over to South Korea to discuss some possibilities with tech giant Samsung.  If Samsung were to back the Facebook Home movement, things could definitely change for the better as Samsung has an endless amount of resources at their disposal.

One “watcher” who chose not to be identified stated that “Facebook has every intention of becoming the second Google, and with that intent in mind, Zuckerberg is said to have asked Samsung to step up cooperation by launching a phone with a Facebook interface.”

That being said, it doesn’t seem that Samsung is on board as they see no financial benefit of such a venture and, according to the same “watcher,” “Samsung doesn’t want to help nurture a second Google, which is now becoming a formidable rival for Samsung in the handset business.”

It does make a lot of sense  to not team up with Facebook.  Samsung has already established themselves as the company to beat (especially in the Android world) and they already have a plethora of devices for different market segments.  Add to that that Facebook Home can be added on to many phones after the fact and there’s really no reason for Samsung to gamble on this project.

Can’t blame them for trying but I guess for Zuckerberg and his team, it may time to leave Facebook Home be and move on to the next project.

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